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Feb 1, 2020 not categories

Tunable thermo-piezo-plasmonic effect on core shell nanoparticles under laser irradiation and external electric field

by A. K. Kodeary, M. Abdulfadhil Gatea, S.F. Haddawi,S. M. Hamidi

This work is focused on the characterization of the opto-heating generation in thermo-piezo-plasmonic solutions of Gold-PbZrTiO3 (PZT) core/shell nanoparticles. Core/shell nanoparticles have been prepared by the laser ablation in liquid method (LAL). Linear and nonlinear optical properties of proposed nanoparticles were studied by optical spectroscopy and the Z-scan technique under external voltage to investigate the piezo-photonic effect. Furthermore, the linear optical properties of these nanostructures were calculated vie dipole approximation method with different core size and different shell thickness of samples immersed in water and Poly-vinyl-pyrrolidone (PVP). In addition, thermo-plasmonic effects of samples are investigated theoretically and experimentally by the finite element method of COMSOL multiphysics V5.4 and infrared camera under laser irradiation and external electric field. The results revealed a clear tunable and adjustable linear and nonlinear behavior and thermo-piezo-plasmonic properties under external effects. The temperature elevation is ranging of ∆T = 3.7–14.1°C under different external effects. Accordingly, these results encourage to uses proposed samples for the cancer treatment and the different biomedical applications.

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