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News on glucose biosensors
In these days, the journal of Nano Materials Science published a paper entitled as “Nanomaterial-assisted wearable glucose biosensors for noninvasive real-time monitoring: Pioneering point-of-care and beyond

This review explores glucose monitoring and management strategies, emphasizing the need for reliable and user-friendly wearable sensors that are the next generation of sensors for continuous glucose detection. In addition, examines key strategies for designing glucose sensors that are multi-functional, reliable, and cost-effective in a variety of contexts. The unique features of effective diabetes management technology are highlighted, with a focus on using nano/biosensor devices that can quickly and accurately detect glucose levels in the blood, improving patient treatment and control of potential diabetes-related infections. The potential of next-generation wearable and touch-sensitive nano biomedical sensor engineering designs for providing full control in assessing implantable, continuous glucose monitoring is also explored. The challenges of standardizing drug or insulin delivery doses, low-cost, real-time detection of increased blood sugar levels in diabetics, and early digital health awareness controls for the adverse effects of injectable medication are identified as unmet needs. Also, the market for biosensors is expected to expand significantly due to the rising need for portable diagnostic equipment and an ever-increasing diabetic population. The paper concludes by emphasizing the need for further research and development of glucose biosensors to meet the stringent requirements for sensitivity and specificity imposed by clinical diagnostics while being cost-effective, stable, and durable.