Vertically magnetic-controlled THz modulator based on 2-Dmagnetized plasma photonic crystal

Jul 10, 2017 not categories


A novel magnetized plasma modulator for THz range is proposed. The structure is based on 2-D photoniccrystal (PC) constructed by triangular lattice of Si rods in air with line defects and an InSb rod as apoint defect. Based on the magneto-optic effect, the resonant frequency can be tuned by the externalmagnetic field and the radius of point defect. The transfer and disappearance of the PC-based mode canbe realized by utilizing a waveguide and a plasma cavity. The simulation results show that PC-based modedisappearance modulator has the potential for THz wireless broadband communication system with agood performance of high contrast ratio (<33.61 dB), low insertion loss (<0.36 dB) and high modulationrate (∼4 GHz).


Related paper: Wen Zhou et al.,Vertically magnetic-controlled THz modulator based on 2-D magnetized plasma photonic crystal,Photonics and Nanostructures – Fundamentals and Applications,Volume 23, February 2017, Pages 28–35,(2017).

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